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Grace in Small Things No. 563

Aidan napping.

Aidan napping.

  1. Naps in the spring sun.
  2. Listening to the Dear Sugar podcast.
  3. Rolling up a piece of bread thick with jam and pretending it's cake.
  4. The bright flavour of crunchy cucumbers.
  5. Finding my favourite paint-splotched jeans at the bottom of a drawer and wearing them for the next three days.

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I'm a Little In Love With Fafard's "Trudeau". If Only It Fit In My Pocket.

Aidan and I dropped by SLATE Fine Art Gallery this afternoon to see our friend Gina and revisit her latest show, Mes Amis — Joe Fafard. I am a huge fan of Fafard's bronze portraits. They're detailed, bright, and charismatic. I half expect them to speak or sigh while I look at them.

The one I keep going back to, though, is "Trudeau".

I don't have nearly the moola necessary to make him mine, but it's been nice to go stand next to him and imagine what he's thinking about when his mind wanders like that.

Bye bye, Mr. Trudeau.