A Few Quiet Moments While I Get Ready for the Holidays

Even as a child, I found Christmas stressful, so, from the moment I stepped out on my own as an adult back in 1993, I have abstained from decorating and putting on fancy dinners. There was one year when Aidan and I decided to have a quiet Christmas alone, and I wound a few garlands around the lamps and put out wrapped presents, but he contracted the worst flu of his life and spent two days literally wrapped around the toilet with a blanket. No more garlands for me.

Despite my Spartan approach to the holidays, though, it still manages to ramp up my anxiety, because other people make holidays plans that include me — oh, humanity, with the giving and the taking with the same hand — so I decided to set aside some quiet time for myself in the middle of packing and wrapping presents.


I have finally found the perfect way to boil eggs that peel well. I need a few more test runs to prove it, but they are lovely and warm in the palm and easy to eat.

I am wearing my new favourite tunic. It is a deep pumpkin colour, and I may actually show you a picture of it one day. It's proof that I may be the only white North American capable of buying cheap Korean clothing online that actually fits.

I sipped hot, thick coffee and let the steam tickle the end of my nose.

I counted out supplements for my holiday travel. I love the soft, small sound of the capsule clapping together as I pour them out and shuffle them from right to left.

And I found this lovely pomegranate. She's a grandmother of a pomegranate, older and textured, but I'm going to crack her open and see what's inside. I bet she's sweeter than most.

This hour of quiet has me back in the spirit. A few things are left undone, but I am not. I think I need to leave something undone more often.

Say happy birthday to me and make the world a better place at the same time! Heifer International "…links communities and helps bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty. Our animals provide partners with both food and reliable income…" This year, I am raising $1764 ($42x42) to celebrate my 42nd birthday on December 29th.
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