A Short Story About Why Ragged Ass Barber's Refusal to Serve Women Hit Home

how a person in the middle of the gender spectrum ended up giving herself middling home haircuts with clippers to avoid shame and exclusion

Me on Medium: 21 Reasons Why It Is Not My Responsibility As a Marginalized Individual to Educate You About My Experience

"21 Reasons Why It Is Not My Responsibility As a Marginalized Individual to Educate You About My Experience":

I recently came across a question at Quora that went something like this: Why do LGBTQ people often reply to questions about their identity with “It’s not my job to educate you”? This kind of response is often interpreted as an unwillingness on the part of the marginalized individual to talk about their experiences and help people understand who they are.
This is actually pretty far from the truth…
Here are 21 specific and important reasons why people in marginalized groups might reply with “It’s not my job,” and it’s not because we don’t want to talk about it.

It'll take you 4 minutes, so go!

These Shironekoshiro Cat Videos Make Me Think I Have a Mental Problem

No, wait. We know I have a mental problem. In fact, it's problems with an S. They're well-documented.

Anyway, I like these cat videos from shironekoshiro.

The amusements are small and quiet. There is a tiny frog sitting on a cat's head. I am soothed.

Everything is so calm. My cats are obviously monsters.

I am pretty sure that my cats would eat these cats, and then they would demand that I run the taps for them and cover them with blankets for their naps and clean up their vomit trails while assuring them everything's okay.

Watch a succession of these, and you start to feel like you've crawled into the tiny worlds of cat and chair, cat and watermelon, cat and cat. The significance of insignificance makes me want to nap.

I'm fairly certain that these cat videos are a government plot, because I can't remember very much of anything at the moment. But now I want to make a practice of quietly balancing things on my cats and my cats on chairs and my cats on other cats.

It is nap time, right?

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