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Susan Goldberg's Mama Non Grata Blog Has Found a New Home

Susan Goldberg's professional and creative writing has matured over the last several years of her online life, and it was time for her website to do more heavy lifting. She hired me to take her original weblog, Mama Non Grata, migrate it to Squarespace from WordPress, and create a new home for it within the more comprehensive SusanLGoldberg.com, where she can both blog and better share her mad professional and creative writing skills:

Susan photographed ceramic sculptures from one of her favourite artists, Sarah Link, and, with Sarah's permission, we used the photos throughout the site, which made this site design a truly collaborative work.

Beyond the website, I also designed her a matching set of business cards:


So, drop in on SusanLGoldberg.com, check out her Mama Non Grata blog, and christen her new digs with a comment or two!

Guess Who's Speaking at BlissDom Canada?

Guess who's speaking at BlissDom Canada in October? Shannon McKarney, Karen Green, Natasha Chiam, and I are speaking on a panel together!

From the BlissDom speaker announcement about our panel:

When we’re considering panels and speakers at BlissDom Canada, we’re always looking for ways to share necessary and important knowledge with our attendees. BlissDom Canada is all about the good times, the thought provoking conversations and the education gained from those with experience and expertise. One of the things that we all have to consider in our writing or marketing career is the matter of ethics; what is required or expected of us? What do we owe to our readers?

We are going to be talking about the ethics surrounding blogging, business, and family and social life. This is a conversation whose time has come, and it's important to have it publicly, so let's dig into this together.

Are you going to BlissDom Canada on October 2–4? If so, I'll see you there!

Grace in Small Things No. 537

  1. We made a short trip with friends to Winnipeg and got to stay at The Mere Hotel, which is lit up a little like Las Vegas at night (see the video above). We felt very fancy.
  2. Ford gave me a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium to test drive, which made this trip not only possible but also so much more fun.
  3. The prairie sky in summer as it stretches far and away to the horizon is incredible to behold. My eyes try to measure for distance but get lost in the sheer magnitude of it all.
  4. A fluffy hotel bathrobe soothes in a way that no bathrobe at home ever manages to.
  5. Orange pop!

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in Grace in Small Things.

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