kissing you just now --
the long autumn sun
fingering through your lashes
and the hush of your last breath
before you lean upward,
the shadows making mad dashes
into your eyebrows --
I thought of that fat kid
with the wet, rubbery belly
and the lessons in cardio pulmonary resuscitation
at poolside when I was eleven --
except that
your lips aren't blue and
I like you more and
I let you stick it in me.


Elan Morgan

Elan Morgan is a blogger, designer and consultant, and speaker who blogs and works from schmutzie.com, spreads gratitude through the graceinsmallthings.com social network, celebrates quality blogging with the canblogawards.com, and speaks all over. She has been seen in the Globe & Mail, Best Health and Woman's Day magazines, TEDxRegina, and on CBC News and Radio. She believes in and works to grow both personal and professional quality, genuine community, and meaningful content online.

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