Cats + Quinoa = This

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The cats chewed a hole in the bag of quinoa, pulled it onto the floor, and then danced around in it until it rolled out of the kitchen, into the hallway, around the dining room, and under the bed.

Cats are my favourite.

Morning Ritual

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I am on the road for a speaking gig — I spoke at CARFAC Sask's 2014 Symposium in Saskatoon — and so I missed the last two days of my usual morning SAD light use. Now that I'm in the habit, I crave it like comfort food. Sometimes I do it twice.

Onion Listens to My Phone Calls

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Onion listens to my phone calls. He seems to recognize that I am not speaking to him and instead stares at the phone like he's listening very hard to the little, tiny person inside it. He looks a bit too intelligent when he does this, though, like he's actually an animatronic spy from the political intelligentsia instead of my overly attached housecat.

Shhh. I've said too much.

Oskar and I Discuss Our Confusion By the Hallway Light

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Oskar is a verbal cat. He whines, he chirps, he meows, he caterwauls. He's loud and persistent, so when he's trailing around after you narrating every step, it's hard not to talk back. "Oh, really? What? No. Wow. That's hardcore, Oskar."

Sometimes, if it is a particularly dark night and you are feeling vulnerable, you find yourself telling him about what hurts or what's got you angry, and he stops alongside you and meows at appropriate intervals like he gets what's going on, and you both manage to work it out somehow. He eventually grows quiet, and you stop talking, and you both end up just standing there in the quiet and looking into the dark together.

Kitty Feet Are the Best Feet

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Cuteness this big is what keeps me chugging through late-night work marathons.