I give back a little bit of everything I make
to grow a greater good, and I thought
I would spread the opportunity.


Kiva is "…a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world."

1) Kiva teams up with a Field Partner, 2) Field Partners disburse loans and upload stories,

3) lenders browse profiles and lend, 4) Kiva disburses lenders' funds to the Field Partner, 5) borrowers repay their loans, and 6) Kiva provides repayments to lenders.


charity: water

"We're a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of all public donations directly fund water projects, and we prove every dollar using photos and GPS coordinates on a map."

I gave up my birthday last year and instead had people donate $2,650 to provide people with clean water. What will you do?



"Vittana's mission is to graduate a generation beyond poverty through the power of education. We enable anyone with $25 to lend directly to ambitious students in the developing world. When you lend, 100% of your money goes directly to the students and more than 99% of students repay their loans upon graduation."

This follows the old "teach a man to fish" saying. Education is a powerful tool. Why not help someone access that tool so they can change not only their own lives but also those of their families and future generations?