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This website was founded in August 2003, and it includes my personal weblog, Schmoetry, Schmutzie's Phoneography, Five Star Friday, and the popular Hipstamatic Lens, Film, and Pak Guide. It has also been featured in such places as Best Health, The Globe & Mail, and CBC News.

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Email me if you'd like to place an ad on I manage my own sidebar advertising, so don't hesitate to contact me for more information if you have any questions about extended sponsorship rates, ad sizes, etc.'s Product Review/Giveaway Policy

  • Please contact me before sending me any products for a review/giveaway. Products sent without prior consent will likely not be reviewed.
  • All product reviews/giveaways on are unbiased. I give my honest thoughts about products based on their quality, practicality, and basic love-worthiness.
  • I will only consent to publish a written review for products that I feel are worthy of my readership and that I would want to share with them.
  • In order to cover the cost of my time and skills for written reviews, most reviews/giveaways will be compensated monetarily, depending on the value of the product given for review. Coupons and vouchers will not be accepted, although the monetary worth of product received will be considered.
  • Any payment or products received over the course of a review/giveaway are in no way to be perceived as payment for or guarantee of a positive review. Payment or products are only a signal of compensation for the work committed over the course of the review/giveaway.
  • Items shipped to me for a review/giveaway will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • Product reviews/giveaways will be posted on two to four weeks from the date of product receipt, unless another timeline is required.

Brands I Have Worked With

Blackberry (at Aiming Low: 04/12)
Blundstone Footwear (09/11)
Broadway Across Canada (08/11)
Canadian Chiropractic Association (06/09, 06/09)
Claritin (06/11)
Crystal Light (03/11)
Dansko (12/10, 11/11) (09/09)
EdenFantasys (09/09)
Ford Canada (08/13)
Hewlett-Packard (at Aiming Low: 02/11, 06/11, 07/11, 04/12)
Microsoft Canada (06/13, 07/13)
PicMonkey (12/12)
Shutterfly (04/11) (05/09, 05/09, 05/09, 06/09, 07/09, 08/09, 09/09)
WEN® Hair Care (05/11)