About Schmutzie and This Website

I believe in blogging and quality and genuine community, and much of my work revolves around furthering the internet to this end.


I go by the name Schmutzie (shmuht'sē), a pseudonym that I still carry over from my first years of blogging anonymously, but I am also known as Elan Morgan for legal purposes. I have been blogging here since August of 2003, which makes this weblog paleolithic by internet standards.

I live in Regina, Saskatchewan with the Palinode and our three cats: OskarOnion, and Lula. We picked up the first two cats at the pound, and, with the help of a couple of friends, I stole the last kitten from a drunk who was trying to sell her for beer money.

I am a writer, designer, and speaker who runs the Schmutzie.com group of blogs — the weblogPhoneographySchmoetry, and Five Star Friday — and my work life, the Canadian Weblog Awards, the Grace in Small Things social network, and I am a part of the #BlogNow Twitter chat team. I am also a member of the Violence UnSilenced Board. I have spoken at several conferences and at TEDxRegina, and my writing, phoneography, and I have been featured in print and on television and have been published in various places online. Check out my Press page to see the whole shebang.



Schmutzie.com was originally hosted by Diaryland back in 2003. Then, beginning in July 2005, it was hosted by Blogger. Since March 2010, it has been hosted by Squarespace. Most, if not all, of my images have been created using an iPhone since 2009. The design is by me, because that's what I do.