I have devoted over 10 years to the design of websites, the cultivation of community, and the craft of blogging.

I am a writer invested in online publications, I design beautiful websites that embody the character and goals of the owners and honour those who use both the back and front ends of the sites, I am a public speaker who has spoken at conferences across North America about creativity, self-doubt, iPhoneography, the crafts of both writing and blogging, and social media, and I consult on various aspects of blogging and social media from complete website reviews to short live courses that introduce organizations to social media and its best practices.

I am also a founder of online communities, because when a need arises, why not fill it? I am the founder of the Canadian Weblog Awards, a juried competition based on quality, and Grace in Small Things, a social network for honouring our gratitude for the small things we overlook. I am also a co-founder of GenderAvenger, a community dedicated to ensuring women are always part of the public dialogue, and #BlogNow, a Twitter chat where we talk about the state of blogging, how we blog, and why we do it.

Click below to see collections of my ongoing work, press, speaking engagements, writing and phoneography, social media, brands with whom I have worked, boards and awards juries of which I am a member, communities I have helped build, regular charitable giving, and past and present clients and associates.